Chi sono i fondatori di Yesnology / Who we are?

I’m Lorenzo Bonazzi, co-founder, and I’ve been an IT consultant and programmer for over 25 years.

I founded my own software house in 2000, working with a worldwide wide of industries: food, mechanical, fashion, services, automation, etc…

I’ve been always passionate about technology in general, as an instrument to make people’s lives easier.

Data, as we all know, have made the fortune of many majors.

Leaving in the EU allows us to protect our Privacy.

Meeting Simona, together with the market need she pointed out, led us to develop YESNOLOGY, which provides our clients with a level of transparency towards their clients and suppliers that could have hardly been reached otherwise.

Informativa, consenso e dati personali: consulenza privacy e consulenza informatica a confronto

Intervista Lorenzo Bonazzi - Yesnology
Intervista a Lorenzo Bonazzi

My name is Simona Bia, I’m the co-founder of BBUP and a management consultant specialised in GDPR compliance.

I graduated in economics in 1994, and my dissertation was a software for the university’s administration.

I started my career as software consultant, helping clients deal with changes in IT systems.

I then worked as CEO in the family business. I’ve run Studiobia since 2018 and I help my clients comply with privacy legislation.

I occasionally hold the role of DPO and I offer consultancy on GDPR compliance.

Yesnology tutela la tua Privacy: basta un click!

Video YouTube gestione consensi
Sul nostro canale YouTube ti spiego la gestione dei consensi con Yesnology

YESNOLOGY is an answer to the needs we see every day with our clients: it’s a support to the daily management of the duties that come with compliance.

It allows to supply notices, collect consents and make appointments, being able to demonstrate what has been done through an intuitive, safe and functional tool for all those who have to comply daily with GDPR requirements.

Who we are: Lorenzo&Simona, the founders of YESNOLOGY 🚀